Counselling Process

Flow Chart in Counselling Process

ü Generally, when a client consults for career counselling, four challenges usually arise:
Counselor should be prepared mentally before the clients tells their problems.

Steps of the Process 
  • Gather the maximum amount ofinformation about the client, mainly by means of testing.
  • Organize the information in order to give meaning and coherence to the data collected.
  • Based on the data, elaborate a hypothesis that can explain the problematic.
  • Establish the rate of success of the counselling process.
  • Present the possibilities to the client and their probability of success. 
  • Be sure to follow-up. 

  • The evaluation plays an important role in the trait-and-theory: 
  • It requires specialized training in testing.   
  • It is important to select the right instrument.  
  • It is important to involve the client in the  process, and to avoid imposing solutions.

Source: Faculty of Education, Additional Qualifications, Module 02,Part 01 by André Samson Ph.D., c.o. (PPT)


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