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Case: Situation 1
I am a teacher for one of the best school in my area. I love the fact that teachers have able to make extra income if they so desire. Teaching is rewarding, I love working with my students, and my clique is friendly and caring.
However, the salary that I'm being paid as a teacher is not enough to take care of my family's finances. I hate living from earn money by. I'm in the dilemma of having to make a decision to change careers for financial stability or keep my peace of mind and continue to live wages earners.
My husband is a blue collar worker and together it stills not enough. I have a better chance of getting a new position before he does. My degree is in business, and there are plenty of opportunities for business graduates. But we will be first-time parents and if I transfer out of teaching now, I'll miss the time I would like to spend with my new born after birth. What great business positions are out there now, where they still cater for people with families?

 Counselor Advice

Regarding your problems, as a counselor I advices you: 

  • Discuss with your husband first about your career and financial problem.
  • You love your job as a teacher and the school environment, so you should stay as a teacher until retired.
  • It doesn’t matter if you want to involve in business area. You can ask your husband to quit as a blue collar worker and focus with your business that you want to join. As a first degree holder in business you can be adviser to your husband to start your business and make the business as your part time job. 
  • In order to generate income for your financial stability, you can get from both your own business and your salary as a teacher. 

Case: Situation 2

I have a dilemma that has been driving me crazy for over a year now. My present company is a challenge to work for. There are things that are good about it like the name, the work itself, the kind of exposure one gets to the industry, a few of the people I work with but there are some things that are really bad about it.
These include the poor management, random promotions and frustration that set in as a result of these things. I have been thinking of quitting several times, but despite having offers from other companies, I have not been able to take the drastic step of resigning. The salary isn't really the issue for me, because my salary is already enough, and at the same time other company offers better salary. So money has not been an incentive for me to leave. But I now have an offer to join a smaller and less successful company at a more senior position and slightly higher pay.
Employee must know what to do and discuss with management

As I said, the salary I am being offered is not anything terrific, so the only incentive for leaving is to get away from the problems at my current job and also to get the message across that I will not put up with the indifference I am currently experiencing from the management.
But I am mentioned again, because I am not sure that this new company is going to be that much better in terms of the management and the other frustrations I am currently experiencing. I am sure I am going to cave in once again and not leave, because I don't want to lose the things that are good about this job. It's a painful situation to be in, and I wonder if you have any advice for me.

Counselor Advice:

 For your case, as a counselor I advices you:
  • If that really is one of the main reasons for leaving, you really need to go back and analyze what you are doing once again. I say that because there is an important element of it appearing that you want to teach your employers a lesson by leaving.
  • You have to be careful that your strong interests do not block your objectivity about your career, and that is the danger of leaving now. Control your emotion first to face this dilemma.
  • Might be you will be in a high better position if you join other organization than you are now and you will have the knowledge that your situation could not be solve in any way. As you know so many people carry that question around about their past career decisions and regret it. You as a senior worker must be able to handle this situation because you have lots of experiences. Don’t just always think to quit and just watch.
  • You don't have to take many offer jobs from other organization if you are not 100% happy that you are moving to something better, and you shouldn't feel under personal pressure to do so. Take a step back, look as objectively as you can about everything and only then act. 


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